How to buy with KUESKI PAY?

Step 1:
Add what you like most to the cart

Step 2
Select Kueski Pay as payment method *MINIMUM PURCHASE $1500

Step 3
Complete the form and choose the payment term

Step 4
Enjoy your purchase!*


Frequent questions


What is Kueski Pay?

Kueski Pay is a digital payment method for your online purchases with affiliated businesses, which gives you the opportunity to purchase products without the need for a credit card, choosing the most convenient term for you at a personalized interest rate.

How can I pay Kueski Pay

You can pay Kueski Pay with cash in Oxxo, through a bank transfer and at a BBVA Bancomer counter or counter. The balance and references of the different payment methods are sent to your email once your application is approved. If you have more than an active purchase, there are 2 ways to make your payments: 1- With the reference number of each purchase (which you can see on your purchases screen) or through your unique reference, which allows you to make payments on all your purchases with the same reference. Remember that there are no charges or penalties for advance payments.

What is the status of my application?

First, you just have to fill out the Kueski form (no documents required);
Once you finish your request, you enter a validation process of all your personal data and purchase details, you will receive a response to your email, (there may be a variation in time, so we advise you not to refresh or close your window) . In a matter of minutes you will know if your request is accepted.

Why was the financing not granted to me?

The team that makes these decisions seeks to offer financing in a responsible manner, avoiding putting our users in more debt, or perhaps the applicant simply does not fit the profile that we normally authorize. In any situation, we recommend returning in two to three weeks to reapply as funding considerations are constantly updated.

Don't worry, if your request is not accepted, you will be sent to the payment gateway so you can finalize your purchase with another method.

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